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White-labeled Solutions

We look forward to demonstrating how our software can become a valuable addition to your existing courseware and offerings. Please contact us for information regarding the third-party provider services described below.

Adaptive Test:
Our Simulators' exclusive performance dependent question selection algorithms provide a truly adaptive test session that mirrors the actual exams' behavior by isolating a test taker's performance level through a gradual adjustment of question difficulty.

Accurate Scoring Indicator:
Our simulators have proven to be incredibly accurate indicators of student preparedness and are currently used by students and course instructors worldwide as the most accurate score indicator available.

Re-brandable software:
We offer the ability to re-brand and host all of our software and content with your organization's name, logo, images, and content. You can easily leverage the power of our software & solutions while maintaining a single consistent branded message throughout all of your courseware and offerings.

Facilitates Remote Instruction:
Since a truly adaptive test will result in a unique question set for every student, a review of a completed test session can be problematic in a distributed classroom since the student must first inform the instructor of the questions he was presented. The distributed nature of our software allows an instructor and her student to review the student's completed session simultaneously in different locations, facilitating individual assessments and discussions in a remote instruction / distance learning environment.

Contains Newest Question Types and Formats:
We are dedicated to maintaining the most accurate Simulators available and routinely update our software to account for new question types and format changes. 

Runs Anywhere via the Internet:
Our Simulator runs inside your web browser. There's no software to install and you can run our Simulator on any computer connected to the Internet! Windows, Macintosh, or Linux? Our software runs on all of the above.

Incorporate Your Custom Question Pool & Answers:
We will gladly support your efforts to incorporate custom question sets into our simulator software and can setup authentication services to maintain these question sets exclusively for your customers if desired.

Capture Statistical Data on Student Performance:
One of the major advantages of online software is the ability to easily capture statistics and diagnostics concerning user performance and test experience. After completing a test session, each user is presented with the time spent on each question along with the correct answer and explanation. All of this data is available for review by the student and their instructors. We can also provide instructors with a variety of reports including the average response time & difficulty of individual questions as well as student specific data.

Provides Authentic Experience:
The experience of sitting for the actual exam can only be recreated by sitting for a complete computerized exam with:

  • all exam sections with standard break allotments
  • the adaptive nature of the real C.A.T.'s question selection algorithms
  • the general look-and-feel of the actual exam software
  • the grueling hours of mental focus

Only by practicing under these realistic conditions will your students be truly prepared for the real exam.

Supports Students with Disabilities:
Most C.A.T. exams make several accommodations available to test takers with documented disabilities. Our Simulators recreate the actual nonstandard options available to these candidates and allow them to practice under the true conditions they will experience on test day.

Discounts for Bulk Purchases:
Our prices are negotiable for bulk purchasers. While we will always support our individual users, third-party providers represent our ideal sales channel and we are open to custom arrangements for cross-promotions & marketing endeavors.

We look forward to forming a powerful and mutually beneficial partnership between your organization and CATPrep. If you have any questions, concerns, would like to setup a walk-through of one of our Simulators, or would like to get started now, please contact our business development office.

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