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General Questions

Which exam should I take?
Read more about the exams for which we offer services on our exam description page.

Do you charge for shipping?
No, we do not charge for shipping. Our software is downloadable, so it isn't necessary to ship anything. If you are unable to download our software, please contact us using the link on the menu to the left.

How may I pay for my purchase and is it secure?
We use two payment processors. Kagi, which accepts many forms of payment worldwide in various currencies, and PayPal, a popular payment processor in the United States and several other countries. If you are unable to purchase our software using either of these providers, please contact us using the link on the menu to the left for alternative arrangements.

When you purchase access codes to our software using this site, your personal payment information is sent directly to the payment processor over an encrypted connection. We never see or handle this data and its security is guaranteed by the payment processor you selected to transact your payment. For more information, you can read about PayPal's security measures here or Kagi's buyer's FAQ here.

Do you offer a guarantee to the purchasers of your services?
CATPrep is committed to customer satisfaction and will make every effort to address any concern raised by our users. We will refund 100% of the purchase price of any access code for our software to users who express dissatisfaction with their purchase. We are able to offer this satisfaction guarantee due to the fact that our software is currently used by students and course instructors worldwide and we are confident of the quality of our products and services.

What type of computer is required to use your software?
Our software runs on all modern computer systems and all the major operating systems. We support all versions of Mac OS X, all Microsoft Windows platforms, Linux, Unix, and OS/2. If you are unsure of our support for your computer platform, please contact us using the link on the menu to the left.

While our software is compatible with all major webbrowsers including Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, AOL, and others, we recommend the freely available Firefox browser. Click the button below to install Firefox now:
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What is an access code and how do I use it?
The services we provide vary from exam to exam, but most require our customers to purchase unique access codes. These codes can then be redeemed for a specific paid service and reused indefinitely. For more information about a specific service, select an exam from our list of offerings on the left.

How can I insure I receive the latest version?
The simplest way to insure you are running the latest version of our software is to empty your webbrowser's cache and then relaunch our software.

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