As they say "You perform like you practice" and nothing can be more true on the day you sit for that all important GRE test session. That's why it is so critical to prepare by using practice materials that provide you with the most accurate test experience. The CATPrep Simulator for the GRE Test was designed expressly for this purpose and is currently used by students and course instructors worldwide as the most accurate score indicator available.

From The Desk Of: Cindy Anderson

Dear Prospective Graduate School Candidate, By the time you sit for the GRADUATE RECORD EXAMINATIONS ™ test you'll have invested weeks in preparation and several hundred dollars in registration fees, but if you're like most test takers today, you will not have taken the one action that would benefit you the most... 

It's the craziest thing, but most test takers go in blind!

Blind to the unique features that separate the GRE test from other exams and the reasons that your score depends as much on your knowledge and familiarity with the exam as it does your knowledge of the test material!

I'm not telling you that basic preparation isn't important. We partner with and recommend several GRE test preparation & tutoring services for business school candidates who desire formal instruction as they study the math and verbal material from which GRE test questions are derived. But, once you have a grasp of the material, it's time to learn the GRE test itself

Screenshot of GRE Practice Test Quantitative Question

Screenshot of GRE Practice Test Simulator

You may be surprised by the answers to the following:

  • What is the GRE primarily testing?
  • What is the #1 obstacle for all test takers?
  • How does the GRE test scoring algorithm affect you?
  • Why do they call it a Computer Adaptive Test?
  • What's missing from other practice exams that severely impacts those striving for a score > 80%?

... read on for the answers to these questions, how the CATPrep Simulator for the GRE Test will help you address them all on test day, and why other practice materials are deficient!

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But first, let me quickly introduce myself. My name is Cindy Anderson, and I've been developing and administering testing and training programs for almost a decade. The idea for a completely accurate CATPrep Simulator for the GRE Test was born when several friends expressed their frustration with the programs they used for their own GRE test preparation. They, like many test takers, either scored poorly or chose to cancel the scoring of their test (a strategy used to wipe a potentially bad score from your record) on their first (sometimes second) sitting for the GRE.

They all attributed their poor results to their surprise at certain characteristics of the GRE test... these same characteristics throw thousands of test takers off "their best game" every year.

Now my friends are very intelligent and were always exemplary students. They'd prepared long and hard on all of the material the three sections of the GRE test cover, but I recognized that they needed more.  They needed to prepare for the rigors of the test itself under actual test conditions!

Practice Under Realistic Conditions

So, I teamed up with a group of software developers from an international technical consulting firm to deliver the most accurate reproduction of the GRE test available.

What You Get

  • Now Includes AWA Scoring!
  • AWA, Quantitative, and Verbal Sections
  • Accurate Score Assessment (130-170)
  • Realistic Timing or Practice Mode
  • Correct Answers & Complete Explanations
  • Question Timer for Pacing
  • Original Question Pool with no duplicates
  • True Adaptive Algorithm

The GRE is primarily testing...your endurance. You can have all the verbal and quantitative knowledge you need, but if you can't rack your brain under pressure for a grueling 3.5 hours, you're not going to score well on the GRE. Practicing with every question ETS has ever written won't help if you can't switch gears between subjects, work quickly, and stay focused. You need to practice under realistic test conditions!

The #1 obstacle of test takers is...time! Time management is absolutely the most critical aspect of your test session. You need to be able to use your time wisely while staring at the GRE test user interface. When the timer starts blinking at the 5 minute mark will you panic or will you calmly strategize so you leave no single question unanswered? You'll only handle it well after practicing under realistic conditions!

The GRE test scoring algorithm assigns more weight to the first questions in a section as it attempts to narrow your potential to a given range. Additionally, an unanswered question lowers your score more than an incorrect answer. The CATPrep Simulator includes an accurately reproduced scoring engine that truly separates it from any other practice materials available.

They call it a Computer Adaptive Test because the test actually adapts to you based on your personal performance! Another critical aspect available in our simulator is an accurate reproduction of the GRE's section selection algorithm. Other practice exams provide only the number of questions you will be presented on test day, but this could never simulate a real GRE test! On the real exam, your next question is chosen from a pool of thousands of questions of varying difficulty. Here again, our Simulator provides an accurate recreation with over 300 questions of predetermined difficulty that will be presented to you according to your current performance level.

The aspect of the GRE test that severely impacts high performers is that it will continue to present you with harder and harder questions until your performance begins to level out. If you're shooting for a score above the eightieth percentile, you're going to be continually presented with more and more difficult questions. Only by practicing under these conditions will you learn to accurately manage your time and endurance in a manner conducive to achieving the highest score possible!

Free Demo of our CATPrep Simulator:

We understand if you're skeptical regarding materials for GRE test preparation. There are many low quality services using second-rate material available online and in print. To help assure our customers that we provide a quality product, we're offering a demo version of our Simulator with all of the exclusive features of the full version, but with a limited question pool. Just for signing up for our CATPrep newsletter, we'll provide you with a link to our demo exam. You'll be kept up-to-date on the latest happenings with Computer Adaptive Test Preparation and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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Warning - Avoid wasting time and money on other
expired practice material like the following:

Most other practice material available today was written for the old GRE Paper-Based Tests. The old question types are no longer relevant and you should avoid wasting your time and money with these dated products. The easiest way to identify dated practice exams and material is through their long reading comprehension passages with more than four corresponding questions. But there are other attributes you should look for in quality GRE test preparation products:

Does your practice material address the following?

  • visual data interpretation, graph, and diagram questions are present
  • updated with tougher probability questions
  • selects subsequent sections according to your current performance

Competing products including cheap internet downloads and even software from reputable preparation courses fail to account for changes in the GRE test and have not been updated to address the points above. Worse, most aren't adaptive and simply present the same list of questions to every test taker. If you see the same set of questions regardless of your score, you are not practicing with an accurate exam!

I've seen so many products on the market that omit the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section and only provide sample math or verbal questions and answers. You don't get to omit the AWA on test fact you must spend the first hour of your energy and focus completing the AWA. Why practice as if it didn't factor into the equation?

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Verify Your Preparation Level

Our CATPrep Simulator for the GRE Test has proven to be an incredibly accurate tool for predicting test takers' scores. Our Simulator uses a proprietary scoring engine designed to systematically recreate the GRE test scoring algorithm and we are confident that it will accurately reflect your preparation level and generate a score that will fall within a few increments of your actual cumulative GRE score.

Of course, there are factors outside of your level of preparation that can also affect your score. Two of the most important are nerves and sleep. A panic attack or a restless night before sitting for our simulation or the real exam will no doubt skew your results. But students and instructors worldwide depend on our Simulator to determine when a prospective test taker is prepared to achieve his or her desired score on the GRE test.

Select a date 3-4 days prior to your scheduled GRE test date and complete one of our simulated exams at the same time of day as your scheduled test. Try to adopt the same frame of mind regarding your simulated session as you will bring to the real exam. Exercise the same habits and routine that you will use the day of your real exam and consider your simulated session as seriously as you will the real GRE testing session.

If you score lower than your desired range, seriously consider postponing your real GRE test date to allow time for further preparation and study. If you score within your desired range, you should feel confident in your level of preparation and the fact that you will have eliminated the element of surprise from your upcoming testing session. By eliminating the element of surprise from your test day, the CATPrep Simulator for the GRE Test will help insure that you're ready to perform your very best and help you avoid:

  • A tarnished GRE Test Scoring Report. Scores stay on your record for 5 years.
  • Wasting hundreds of dollars in testing fees
  • The depression accompanying a poor performance on a 3.5 hour exam...

Keep in mind what a fantastic advantage it is to sit for a completely accurate recreation of the exam prior to test day. Take a lesson from every professional athlete and performer...don't let your first time on the stage or in the arena be game day!

Bonus One

Unlike the abrupt end you'll experience on test day, we give you the chance to review your work and look for areas of improvement. In the only aspect of our Simulator NOT designed to accurately reflect the real exam, after your exam is complete you are presented with your score and a chance to review the questions on your exam along with your answers, the correct answers, total time spent on each question, and question explanations. Since each completed exam session is automatically saved for later review, you may reload and examine all of this data on-demand from anywhere in the world at anytime even months after you complete your session!

Bonus Two

Our question pool has been updated with the newest question types to appear on the GRE test, and high scorers will encounter the more difficult probability questions that are starting to appear on actual GRE tests.  If your practice material is divided into five sections with two verbal and two quantitative sections like the old GRE Paper-Based Tests, you are not practicing with current material!

Bonus Three

Our Simulator runs inside your web browser! View a screen shot of the opening screen. You can run our Simulator on any computer with any operating system! Despite the fact that our software runs inside your web browser, you will never experience any network induced performance issues. The entire question pool is downloaded by the simulator software before your exam session begins. You'll never wait for a question to load while time is expiring like in some inferior webpage-based products. Also, you do not need to remain connected to the internet during your test session. Once your test session begins, you can drop or lose your connection at any time without affecting your session or the software.

Bonus Four

We're currently offering a free demo of our CATPrep Simulator for the GRE Test. Use the signup form above to be emailed the details! The demo uses an original but much smaller pool of questions, so you can be certain you will not see any repeated questions once you graduate to the full and comprehensive Simulator offered below. 

Bonus Five

Our Simulator supports the nonstandard options available to test takers with qualifying disabilities. The Educational Testing Service makes several accommodations available to test takers with documented disabilities. Our Simulator recreates the actual nonstandard options available to these candidates and allows them to practice under the true conditions they will experience on test day.

If you plan to invest the time and effort involved in sitting for the GRE test, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of the features of our exclusive and complete CATPrep Simulator for the GRE Test!

Here's How to Access Our GRE Practice Tests

The CATPrep Simulator for the GRE Test is freely downloadable, but you must register using the form below before beginning your accurately reproduced exam session including all of the features detailed above!

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The answers to most users' frequently asked questions can be found on our Help & F.A.Q. page, but please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions, concerns, or experience any trouble while purchasing or using the CATPrep Simulator for the GRE Test. 

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