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Features of Our Diagnostic GRE:

Accurate Scoring Indicator:
Our simulators have proven to be incredibly accurate indicators of student preparedness and are currently used by students and course instructors worldwide as the most accurate score indicator available.

Re-brandable software:
We offer the ability to re-brand and host all of our software and content with your organization's name, logo, images, and content. You can easily leverage the power of our software & solutions while maintaining a single consistent branded message throughout all of your courseware and offerings.

Email Notifications:
Our software will copy you on the score report of every student or prospect that complete your white-labeled version of our diagnostic test. The email will include the student's name, email address, and estimated score - allowing you to followup with personalized recommendations and proposals!

Contains Newest Question Types and Formats:
We are dedicated to maintaining the most accurate Simulators available and routinely update our software to account for new question types and format changes. 

Runs Anywhere via the Internet:
Our Simulator runs inside your web browser. There's no software to install and you can run our Simulator on any computer connected to the Internet! Windows, Macintosh, or Linux? Our software runs on all of the above.

Provides Authentic Experience:
The experience of sitting for the actual exam can only be recreated by sitting for a complete computerized exam with:

Only by practicing under these realistic conditions will your students be truly prepared for the real exam.

Supports Students with Disabilities:
Most C.A.T. exams make several accommodations available to test takers with documented disabilities. Our Simulators recreate the actual nonstandard options available to these candidates and allow them to practice under the true conditions they will experience on test day.

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