Customer query regarding the new GRE format

September 19, 2011 by CATPrep

Jacob wrote us today with the following queries and we wanted to share our response:

Do your products reflect the change in the exam? If so, how were you able to anticipate those changes and adapt your products accordingly in such a short amount of time? Does your product or website explain the changes in the exam?

Thanks for your query Jacob. Yes we have updated all our GRE practice tests to reflect the new GRE format which began August 1st, 2011.

As a recognized leader in GRE Test preparation materials, we were given access to ETS’s proposed revisions well in advance. Thus we were able to release our updates for the new format by July 2011 so that our students could get a jump on preparing for the changes.

We published a short primer of the new GRE format changes on our website but generally do not recommend that students waste any time reviewing any comparisons of the old and new format. The new format is here to stay and it’s best to simply focus on the current format of the GRE and make certain that you prepare with updated materials such as our GRE Practice Tests.