GMAT Focus Edition

August 05, 2023 by CATPrep

CATPrep’s GMAT Simulator: Reflecting the New Focus Edition Format

Hey future business magnates,

Guess what? The GMAT world just got a shakeup, and we’re right on its heels. If you’ve been tracking the GMAT scene, you’ve likely heard about the exciting Focus Edition update. Well, we’re thrilled to announce that our CATPrep GMAT simulator is now fully revamped to match this new format. Yes, that means you get to experience the latest GMAT vibe before you even step into the test center!

🚀 Real-Feel Experience Awaits!

The number one challenge most students face when prepping for an exam like the GMAT? It’s not always the content – it’s getting comfortable with the exam’s format and environment. Now, thanks to our advanced simulation technology, you can practice with a test that emulates the new GMAT format to the tee. No surprises on test day!

💸 Take It For A Spin – For Free!

That’s right. If you’re the skeptical type, or you just want to dip your toes in before diving deep, we’ve got your back. Try out our free version to get a firsthand experience of what awaits. We believe in our product and are sure you’ll find it a game-changer for your GMAT prep.

🌍 Join the Global Elite

Here’s a not-so-secret tidbit for you: our software isn’t just popular in your neck of the woods. It’s making waves globally! From Singapore to San Francisco, CATPrep’s GMAT Simulator is used by test preparation tutors and ambitious students alike. When you use our simulator, you’re joining a worldwide community looking for an edge in their GMAT prep. If it’s global recognition you seek in business, why not start with your preparation tools?

Why CATPrep?

Remember that daunting feeling of walking into an unknown test? We do, and that’s why we’re dedicated to making sure it doesn’t happen to you. CATPrep ensures you face the real deal with the confidence of having “been there, done that”.

In Conclusion…

Dear future world-changers and business trailblazers, the road to B-school starts with acing the GMAT. And with CATPrep’s updated simulator, you’re already a stride ahead.

Stay prepared, stay updated, and let’s crush that GMAT together!