The New GRE

January 01, 0001 by CATPrep

The New GRE

Starting August 1st, 2001 - the GRE revised General Test will replace the current GRE General Test and the change includes many significant changes to both the test format and the strategies you should employ when preparing and sitting for it. Some of the changes in the new GRE include:

New Question Types

  • Verbal Reasoning: No More Antonyms and Analogies. More Focus on Reading with the new GRE.
  • Quantitative Reasoning: Same Basic Math Concepts. Numeric Entry questions. On-screen calculator.
  • Both Verbal and Quantitative sections on the new GRE will include multiple choice questions with more than one correct option

New Test Navigation Options

  • The new GRE allows you to move forward and backward through any section
  • You can mark questions for later review

Additional Sections

  • You'll be presented at least two quantitative and two verbal sections on the new GRE

New Scoring Algorithms

  • The new GRE features a new score scale and early takers of the new revised General Test will be subject to a scoring delay
  • If you take the new computer-based GRE revised General Test between August and November, your score report will be issued between November and December.

It is now more important than ever that you prepare for the GRE General Test using an accurate software simulation of the real exam. The new GRE includes many more sophisticated features and it will take some realistic practice to become truly familiar with all the options available to you on the new computer-based GRE.