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Individual Sessions
October 15th, 2003
April 15th, 2003
October 16th, 2002
April 17th, 2002
October 17th, 2001
April 18th, 2001
October 18th, 2000
April 12th, 2000
November 3rd, 1999

Full Text Search MPEP:

PDF image The computer-delivered USPTO registration exam is proctored at locations with access to a searchable copy of the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP). To facilitate realistic practice conditions, we also provide a searchable copy of the MPEP free of charge.

Exam Requirements

Internet Explorer users must enable ActiveX controls and Javascript to properly view and launch the simulator. If you are prompted to install the Java Plug-in from Sun Microsystems, you should agree to receive the free upgrade.

Netscape/FireFox or other browser
users must enable Java and Javascript. You will be directed to download and install the free Java Plug-in from Sun Microsystems if needed.

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