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USPTO Registration Exam Simulator

The United States Patent and Trademark Office replaced the traditional semi-annual paper-based Registration Exam (Patent Bar) with a computerized year-round offering in the summer of 2004. CATPrep provides an emulation of the USPTO patent bar testing software as an aid to prospective registration examinees who wish to practice for the patent bar under the most realistic conditions available outside of the actual exam. Our software mirrors the basic functionality and navigational controls of the new patent bar testing software and combines this authentic recreation with actual USPTO test questions to provide a completely realistic testing environment.

All of our patent bar exams have been updated to reflect the changes to the law and the rules brought about by the American Inventor's Protection Act of 1999.

Our software grades each completed test session and provides the correct answers alongside explanations for each question. Additionally, each completed test session is saved and made accessible for review at any time. Instructors, tutors, and their students can easily take advantage of this feature to simultaneously review completed test sessions in distributed classroom environments or traditional settings.

Using the Simulator

Our patent bar software is freely downloadable and we only charge a nominal fee for the grading & storage of your test session data. You may launch any patent bar exam, complete all the questions, and review a completed exam at any time, free of charge. Click here to view a screen shot of the opening screen of our simulation software.

To begin, simply click the 'Exams' link on the menu above and launch an exam session. You may be prompted to install or upgrade your web browser's Java plug-in and then your chosen session will load immediately. Each USPTO Registration Exam consists of two 3-hour sessions (Morning & Afternoon). Our Simulator also breaks the complete 6 hour exam into two individual sessions. To earn a passing score you must accumulate a combined 70 points from the two individual sessions.
We currently offer nine complete exams from 1999 to 2003 and will continue to add actual exams as they become available. Please see our knowledgebase article for the latest information regarding questions and content from exams after 2003. To begin your simulated testing session:

  • Click 'Exams' on the menu above.
  • Select the USPTO registration exam you would like to recreate
  • Launch & Complete the morning session of your chosen patent bar exam
  • Launch & Complete the afternoon session of your chosen patent bar exam
  • Combine your points from both sessions to calculate your cumulative score
  • Review your answers, the correct answers, and explanations at any time

It's that easy! We are sure that you will find our Patent Exam Simulator software an invaluable tool in your preparation for the USPTO Registration Examination. If you encounter any problems or have any questions regarding our software or services you will most likely find an answer or solution on our Help & Frequently Asked Questions page, but if you have a concern not addressed there please feel free to contact us.

Full Text Search MPEP

PDF image The computer-delivered USPTO registration exam is proctored at locations with access to a searchable copy of the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP). To facilitate realistic practice conditions, we also provide a searchable copy of the MPEP free of charge.

Instructors & Tutoring Services

We offer re-branded courses and bulk-rate prices with all of our software.  If you are interested in distributing our Patent Bar Simulator using your organization's name, logo, images, and content, partnering with us as a third-party provider of our simulator, or incorporating our software into your course offerings, please contact our business development office.

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