Using the CATPrep #GRE Test Simulator

March 03, 2010 by CATPrep

   Our practice tests are best used when the student treats our simulated test as if it were the real test and completes every part under realistic conditions with no breaks or distractions. Our tests are not designed for practicing specific question types or for drills. Instead, they offer students the opportunity to simulate the real test and practice handling the rigors of the test experience in combination with the challenges of the questions themselves.

Tutors typically offer one or two of our GRE Practice Tests to a student to find a baseline performance level, then they design a course of study for the student. Some offer another exam mid-way through the course, but others save the remaining tests until the end of the course. Your preference will depend on your current performance level and your goals.

We typically recommend that you complete all the study and drills you intend to perform for GRE Test preparation. Afterwards, schedule time to complete our exams as if they were the real thing. If you score in your desired range, you should feel confident that you have met your goal and sit for the real GRE Test asap. If not, then address your weaknesses with more drilling or professional assistance.