Support Questions: Internet Connections Requirements

Scintill wrote:


I am interested in buying GMAT simulator for my gmat practice, but I don’t

have a internet connection at my home.

Can you clarify some of my doubts.

1.Is there any other way I can access your test material without internet.

2.If I use your gmat simulator from my friends house or internet cafe and If

the internet connection gets disconnected in the middle of the exam, can i

continue the test ..

Because I don’t know whether I will get a 4 hours continous internet

connection in my place.

3.If i wish to take the same test again for various reason can i do it. or

Is one test charged for one testing session. ?



</pre> Hi Scintill,
Thank you for your interest in our [GMAT Simulator]( I'll try to answer your questions below.

You will need to connect to the Internet initially in order to login to the exam. The simulator software will download the entire question pool as it launches and after the exam begins you will not need to be connected to the Internet. After your session is complete, the software will attempt to connect again in order to save your results, but if it fails it will simply continue without saving.

A broken connection will not affect your test session. You only need to be connected at the beginning when you login and at the end when the software attempts to save your results.

You can access your saved session in order to review your questions, answers, score, timing information, explanations, etc… at any time after completing a simulated session. However, each new session requires a new access code because each session is unique and generates a different set of questions based on the performance of the test taker.

I hope these are satisfactory answers to your questions, if you need any more information please do not hesitate to contact us.


Rick Jones

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GMAT Software Supports Candidates with Disabilities

New Software Aids GMAT Candidates with Disabilities

GMAT candidates who qualify for nonstandard testing options under the disability guidelines of the Graduate Management Admission Council now have the opportunity to practice under realistic conditions using the latest release of CAT Prep’s popular GMAT Simulator software.

September 9, 2004 – CAT Prep, an online educational software and services provider, today announced the immediate availability of the first GMAT simulator to provide authentic support for students with disabilities. This new version of CAT Prep’s simulator offers prospective business school candidates the ability to practice with the same nonstandard configuration options available to them when they sit for the actual GMAT.

“The Graduate Management Admission Council makes several accommodations available to test takers with documented disabilities, but until now, there have been no study-aids available to recreate these nonstandard accommodations. Candidates with disabilities have not had the opportunity to practice for the computer-adaptive GMAT under realistic conditions,” said Project Manager, Cindy Anderson. “CAT Prep is proud to be the first to introduce an authentic GMAT experience for the thousands of GMAT students with dyslexia, ADHD, physical impairments, or learning disabilities who qualify for special accommodations under GMAC’s guidelines.”

This latest release of the CAT Prep GMAT Simulator also accounts for the rule change of July 1, 2004 that specifies test takers who have been approved for extended testing time due to qualifying disabilities will be accommodated on a section-by-section basis when they sit for the GMAT. To support this change in GMAT Disability Services’ guidelines, the simulator allows qualifying candidates to adjust the time allotted for each section of the GMAT based on the nature of their disability.

The new version of the popular GMAT simulation software is available to students and instructors worldwide and allows non-disabled and disabled GMAT candidates to practice sitting for the GMAT under the same conditions they will experience when they sit for the actual exam.

More information and access to the simulator software is available on the GMAT Simulator Homepage. Instructors, tutors, or other third-party resellers interested in incorporating the software into their course offerings should visit the GMAT Service Providers Homepage for more details.


Announcing Patent Bar Exam Simulation Software

We are proud to announce the release of our USPTO Registration Exam Simulator**:

The United States Patent and Trademark Office replaced the traditional semi-annual paper-based Registration Exam (Patent Bar) with a computerized year-round offering in the summer of 2004. Upstart Raising provides an emulation of the USPTO patent bar testing software as an aid to prospective registration examinees who wish to practice for the patent bar under the most realistic conditions available outside of the actual exam**. Our software mirrors the basic functionality and navigational controls of the new patent bar testing software and combines this authentic recreation with actual USPTO test questions to provide a completely realistic testing environment.

All of our patent bar exams have been updated to reflect the changes to the law and the rules brought about by the American Inventor’s Protection Act of 1999. Our software grades each completed test session and provides the correct answers alongside explanations for each question. Additionally, each completed test session is saved and made accessible for review at any time. Instructors, tutors, and their students can easily take advantage of this feature to simultaneously review completed test sessions in distributed classroom environments or traditional settings.

You can download or read more about our Patent Bar Simulator here.


Release of Searchable MPEP

PDF icon Upstart Raising provides searchable copies of both revisions of edition 8 of the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure as a service to the legal community, prospective USPTO registration examinees, and our Patent Bar Simulator software customers.

The new computer-delivered USPTO registration exam is proctored at locations with access to a copy of the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP) that can be searched for specific text in its entirety. The free electronic copies of the MPEP available on our searchable MPEP download page facilitate a similar search both through the Adobe Acrobat Reader search function and the Quick MPEP page search available within the Upstart Raising Patent Bar site.


NASD Continuing Education Program Firm Element Compliance

**NASD Continuing Education Program:

** The NASD mandated continuing education for all of its registered representatives in 1996. As part of the Firm Element component of this mandated continuing education requirement, each securities firm must develop and administer an ongoing continuing education program to keep it’s employees up-to-date on both job related and product related topics. This NASD section of Upstart Raising provides services which help fulfill the Firm element requirement of the CEP for individuals and entire companies.


Press Release: GMAT Simulator Software Upgrade

_Upstart Raising's new GMAT practice simulator provides a                      pool of over 300 questions, from the quantitative, verbal,                      and AWA sections of the GMAT exam. The simulator features                      performance-based question selection algorithms, an accurate                      scoring engine, and runs in any Java-capable internet                      browser._                     
                      **May 14, 2004** - Upstart Raising, an online                      educational software and services provider, today announced                      the immediate availability of its new GMAT Simulator.                      Upstart's simulator raises the bar for realistic                      reproductions of the computer adaptive Graduate Management                      Admission Test by featuring exclusive performance-based                      question selection algorithms that accurately simulate the                      real computer-based GMAT exam by selecting each subsequent                      question from a pool of questions of varying difficulty                      based on the current performance of the test-taker.

The new simulator distinguishes itself further by including                      over 300 questions encompassing the quantitative, verbal,                      and Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) sections of the GMAT                      exam. The simulator's user-interface was designed to closely                      resemble the true GMAT "look and feel" by replicating the                      controls and interface of the real exam using platform                      independent Java technology which enables the Simulator to                      run on any computer platform that supports Java-based                      browsers.

"Our simulator targets prospective business school                      candidates who have already completed their individual                      review regimens," said Cindy Anderson, project manager, and                      project lead for the Upstart Raising GMAT Simulator. "Most                      of our customers are seeking a comprehensive simulation of                      the GMAT that enables them to practice their test-taking                      strategies and techniques in an realistic environment. By                      providing feedback for various strategies and                      time-management techniques, our Simulator helps our                      customers achieve their maximum possible score when it                      matters most...the day they sit for the real exam."

For a comprehensive list of features or to download a free                      version of the Simulator please visit the                     [                     Upstart Raising GMAT Simulator HomePage](

Business Schools & the MBA

We have just published the report “Business Schools & the MBA“ in our educational reports section. This new report contains tips and advice for business school candidates who are considering the application process and also includes links to several GMAT preparation resources.