New #GMAT Score Calculator Released!

October 17, 2010 by CATPrep

We’re pleased to announce the release of our GMAT Score Calculator which will allow students to estimate their total GMAT score on a scale from 200-800. Our new GMAT Score Calculator converts GMAT verbal and math section scores scaled from 0-60 into an estimated cumulative GMAT score.

We use a complex algorithm to estimate your total GMAT score given your verbal and math (quantitative) section scores but please keep in mind that this process can never be as accurate as a total score calculation using your raw scores like that used in our comprehensive GMAT Simulator software and on the real GMAT.

Due to the rounding and ten point segmentation the GMAT uses when calculating sectional and total scores from your raw score, the real scoring algorithm commonly produces a slightly different total score for the same pair of sectional scores and vice versa.

For example, it is not an error to see one student earn a total GMAT score of 580 paired with a 35 verbal and 35 math and to also see another student earn a total GMAT score of 570 paired with a 35 verbal and 35 math. This is due to the fact that your total GMAT score is not calculated directly from your GMAT section scores. Instead, both your total and sectional GMAT scores are derived from your underlying raw score.

We welcome your feedback and best of luck in your preparations for the real test!