Customer Query: Why can I not save a partially complete exam?

June 20, 2007 by CATPrep

A customer recently inquired why we do not support saving and grading partially complete exam sessions. We responded:

“While we understand that it is difficult to find the time to complete a simulated GMAT or GRE test session in a single sitting, based upon our extensive experience, it would be a disservice to you to grade a partially complete simulated exam.

While practice sessions and drills have their place in GMAT and GRE test preparation, our software is meant to recreate the actual exam experience from beginning to end. Both exams require a significant time investment. In fact, time management throughout an entire GMAT or GRE test session (both maintaining uninterrupted focus and working efficiently) is the major factor in every student’s final score. Thus, we want our software to assist students by preparing them for the rigors of comprehensive time management throughout a complete exam session.

Although it can be an inconvenience, we believe you’ll thank us for forcing you to find the uninterrupted time to practice with an authentic simulator. Good luck on your upcoming exam and please let us know if we can answer any other questions for you.”