Customer Query: Which USPTO Registration Exams (Patent Bar) are available with your simulator?

February 09, 2006 by CATPrep

Kelly W. wrote: “Which USPTO examinations does your software currently cover? You state that it covers 9 exams from 1999-2003 and that you will continue to add new ones as they become available. Since new exams have already been released since 2003, have you added these exams yet? Also, is the simulation identical to the setup that is used to take the examination?

Our Response: Thanks for the query Kelly. Unfortunately, the USPTO currently restricts access to all of their computer-delivered exam material and until they officially release questions used after 2003, we will be unable to incorporate them into a commercial product like our Patent Bar Simulator. You can download and run our Patent Bar Simulator without charge, so feel free to compare it to the walkthrough of the computer delivered format made available by the USPTO. Our simulator’s user interface (buttons and navigation) was designed to emulate the USPTO’s software as closely as possible. Please read our MPEP download page for information regarding the MPEP available during the actual exam.

Kind Regards, -Rick Jones