Customer Query: How does your software compare to Kaplan’s, Barron’s, etc…

December 12, 2004 by CATPrep

There are several software products available for GMAT training and preparation. Most are distributed by tutoring services or with preparation guides & books. While these products can be useful for practicing and tutoring specific question types, they tend to provide inferior comprehensive simulations of the GMAT. Many do not include the latest question types, do not account for scoring changes, and/or concentrate on specific question types or sections to the detriment of others.

On the otherhand, our software focuses on providing a realistic simulation of the actual exam and accurately predicting test takers’ preparation levels. We are not providing instruction guides or tutoring and instead dedicate our efforts to accurately modeling the actual exam. Unlike the static software available elsewhere we collect realtime statistics and continually update our simulator to account for observed changes in the GMAT material and scoring engine.

Our lowest retail price for a simulated exam is $10 (approximately 7.5) and while cheaper software is certainly available, we are not significantly more expensive than most of our competitors and we clearly offer the highest quality service as evidenced by our customer feedback and growing popularity.

I hope this sufficiently answers your query. Please do not hesitate to inquire about further details.

Kind Regards, -Rick Jones