Customer Query: How does your Simulator differ from the real exam?

September 05, 2006 by CATPrep

“Are there any differences (besides a home vs classroom environment) between your Simulator and the actual GMAT exam? Also, what other fees (including tax) are incorporated into the final fee for your access codes.” - M. Sigel

Thanks for the interest in our Simulator software M. Sigel, I’ll answer your queries in order:

  • From a test taker’s point of view, the only significant difference between our Simulator software and the actual GMAT software is that our software will use your currently configured monitor resolution. During the real exam, your testing center’s monitors will all be configured to the same low resolution. So, if you use a high resolution to run our Simulator, you may be able to fit more text on your screen during practice, possibly requiring you to scroll less than you will on test day. If your are concerned about this difference, simply call your testing center and inquire about their monitor resolution. Then, set your monitor at home to mirror their resolution settings.
  • There are no additional fees at checkout for access codes. The price quotes on our website is the final total price.