Customer Queries: GMAT and GRE Simulator Software

November 16, 2007 by CATPrep

Azli R. wrote: > I have a couple of quick queries regarding your Simulator software:

1. Will I need to download the Java Runtime software every time I want to take a test?

2. Do I need a different access code everytime I want to take a test? Once I enter an access code and choose to disconnect from the internet, do I need to immediately go online again to get the results or can I wait for a couple of hours / days to go online and get it?

3. Can I take and re-take the tests again or can these tests be taken only once? If I can re-take, will I come across similar questions?

4. If I start doing a test, what happens if I have to stop mid-way? Will it continue to score me based on where I stop or can I pause and continue the test at a later time? If it continue to score me, can I re-take the test again?

5. Will there be any explanation to the answers or will I simply get the scores at the end of the online tests?

Azli, thanks for the queries! I’ve attempted to answer them all by number here:

1. No, the Java installation is a one-time requirement.

2. You need one access code for each simulated exam session and your results will be available indefinitely. You can review them at anytime.

3. If you retake an exam using the same question pool then you will most likely see several repeat questions. Each simulated session will require a new access code.

4. If you stop mid-way, just like during the real exam, you will not receive a score and your progress will not be saved. However, your access code will not be “used” and you will be able to reuse that code.

5. Yes, the scoring and review screens will provide answers as well as explanations.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sincerely, Rick Jones