GMAT Spain

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GMAT Practice Tests in Spain

GMAT Test Locations and Centers in Spain

Barcelona, Spain Test Center Information
Test Center: PUE
Address: C/Jordi Girona 1-3
Campus Nord de la UPC
Zona Comercial la CUP
Barcelona, 08034
Telephone: [34] 93-206 02 49
Directions: PUE est� ubicado en el interior del Campus Nord de la Universidad Polit�cnica de Catalunya.
Desde el metro Linea 3 "zona Universitaria" subir por la calle Alfambra hasta llegar a la calle Jordi Girona.

PUE est� ubicat dins del Campus Nord de la Universitat Polit�cnica de Catalunya. Des del metro Linea 3 "Zona Universitat" pujar pel carrer Alfambra fins a arrivar al carrer Jordi Girona.

PUE is located inside of Campus Nord of the Universitat Polit�cnica de Catalunya. From Subway station "Zona Universitat" (Linea 3) go across Alfambra Street until arrive to Jordi Girona Street.


Madrid, Spain Test Center Information
Test Center: Pearson Professional Centers-Madrid, Spain
Address: 1st floor office B3
28 Calle Hermosilla
Madrid, 28001
Telephone: +34 915 775 974
Directions: The Test Centre is located in Calle Hermosilla, number 28.
Hermosilla runs between the streets of Lagasca and Velazquez.
It is in the centre of the city and is well served by public transport.

Buses 21 and 53 stop in Goya, which is the street parallel to Lagasca and Velazquez. From Goya you can walk northwards just one block to reach Hermosilla.
Other convenient buses include numbers: 1, 9, 19, 51 and 74. These run northwards along the street of Velazquez and you should get off at the stop 'Velazquez with Ayala' (where the street of Ayala crosses Velazquez).
The same buses run back southwards down the street of Serrano. For the Test Centre you should get off at the stop ' Serrano with Hermosilla' (where Hermosilla crosses Serrano).

The Subway stations of Serrano and Velazquez (both are on line 4, which is coloured brown) have exists in the street of Goya. From Goya, you can walk towards the North just one block to find Hermosilla.


Sevilla, Spain Test Center Information
Test Center: Avante
Address: C/ Torricelli 26 ( Isla de la Cartuja)
Sevilla, 41092
Telephone: + 34 954186540
Directions: Isla de la Cartuja junto a Policia Local. Autobuses de referencia C1 y C2