GRE Test Takers with a Disabilities

Students often ask us "How can I simulate a GRE test that accounts for my approved disability?"

The Educational Testing Service makes several accommodations available to test takers with documented disabilities. Our GRE Test Simulator recreates the actual nonstandard options available to these students and allows them to practice under the true conditions they will experience on test day.

If you have a documented disability that is recognized under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ETS is obligated to provide you with individualized accommodations. Each person with a disability can and will be accommodated personally for their own specific needs. Examples of non-standard options available to persons with disabilities include:

In order to initiate an exam session using an approved disability configuration, simply select the 'Disability Configuration' choice on the Options menu before clicking the 'Login' button on the first screen (Login Screen) of the simulated GRE test. After setting the desired options, click the 'OK' button in the bottom right-hand corner to return to the 'Login Screen'. Note that disability configuration options can not be set or modified after logging into a new exam session.

This video of our GRE test software demonstrates how students with an approved disability can can configure the CATPrep GRE Test Simulator to recreate the options that will be available to them during their actual GRE Test. Be sure to view the rest of our GRE Test videos.

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