GMAT Practice Tests in Portugal

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GMAT Test Locations and Centers in Portugal

Porto, Portugal Test Center Information
Test Center: CESAE Porto
Address: Rua Ciriaco Cardoso n�186
Porto, 4150-212
Telephone: [351] 226195200
Directions: O Cesae fica na rua Ciriaco Cardoso n�186, a rua Ciriaco Cardoso � uma rua perpendicular a Av� da Boavista e fica na zona do Pinheiro Manso.

The Cesae is located in the Rua Ciriaco Cardoso n�186, this street is a perpendicular street of the Av� of the Boavista and is in the zone of the Pinheiro Manso.


Lisboa, Portugal Test Center Information
Test Center: Galileu
Address: Rua Fradesso da Silveira, n� 6 - Bloco C
1�A/B Alc�ntara Rio
Lisboa, 1300-609
Telephone: [351] 21 361 22 00
Directions: Localiza��o da Galileu.

Contacto:Teresa Matos
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