GMAT Practice Tests in Iceland

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GMAT Test Locations and Centers in Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland Test Center Information
Test Center: T�lvu-og Verkfraedithjonustan
Address: Grensasvegur 16
Reykjavik, IS 108
Telephone: 354 520 9000
Directions: Stadsetning profmidstodvar
Tolvu- og verkfraedithjonustan (TV) er a Grensasvegi 16, 108 Reykjvik.
Keyrt er upp sunnan vid husid, �ar eru bilastaedi, og gengid inn um inngang a midju husinu. �egar komid er inn i anddyri er gengid beint afram til a� komast i TV.

TV er i sama husi og Harley Davidson og myndbandaleigan Sesar video og beint a moti Domino's Pizza.

A T H ! Bokadur proftimi er 15 min sidar en �au hefjast.
t.d. Prof bokad kl. 13:45 hefst 13:30 maeting 13:15

Test Centres location
Tolvu- og verkfr�dithjonustan (TV) is at Grensasvegur 16, 108 Reykjavik.
You drive up at the south side of the house, to locate parking spaces, and walk in the door at the middle of the house. When inside the foyer walk strait foreword to locate TV.

TV is in the same building as Harley Davidson and Sesar Video and across from Domino's Pizza.

Tests are booked 15 min later then there starting time
Test booked at 1:45 pm starts at 1:30 pm
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