GMAT Practice Tests in Hungary

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GMAT Test Locations and Centers in Hungary

Budapest, Hungary Test Center Information
Test Center: TRAINER C
Address: Szentendrei u 39 to 53
Budapest, H1033
Telephone: +3614366681
Directions: by car: from Florian Square drive down on Szentendrei Road, turn right at the third cross to Bogdani road at the traffic light. You can find a three storey building - called Delta Electronic Office Building - on the left side (it's a corner building). The test center can be found on the first floor, left side.

by bus: from Batthyanyi Square take bus No. 86 to the end station (it's behind an Esso gas-station)
from Florian Square take bus No. 34 or 42 and get off at the third stop (Bogdani street)
from Arpad bridge metro station take bus No. 106 and get off the 7th station (Bogdani street)
The bus No. 34, 42 and 106 stop right in front of the entrance of the building.
The test center is in the three storey Delta Electronic Office Building, on the first floor, left side.

Aut�val: A Fl�ri�n t�rt�l a Szentendrei �ton a harmadik l�mp�n�l a Bogd�ni �tra fordulva a bal
oldalon tal�lja a Delta Irodah�zat. A vizsgak�zpont ebben az irodah�zban tal�lhat� az
els� emeleten, bal k�z fele.

Aut�busszal: Batthy�nyi T�rt�l a 86-os busz v�g�llom�sig,
Fl�ri�n T�rt�l a 34 vagy 42-es busz m�sodik meg�ll�j�ig (Bogd�ni �t),
�rp�d-h�dt�l a 106 busz hetedik meg�ll�j�ig (Bogd�ni �t).

A vizsgak�zpont a Szentendrei �s Bogd�ni �t sark�n �ll� Delta Irodah�z els� emelet�n tal�lhat�.
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