What is a GRE test access code?

Before our software will generate your unique exam session, you must enter a valid and unused access code on the session "Login" screen. Once the software validates this access code, it will be used to generate your simulated session from the current question pool and can not be used again. After you complete the simulated GRE test session, your used access code will be associated with your saved session data. You will need to enter this access code anytime you wish to load your saved session in order to review your score, the questions you received, the answer explanations, etc..

Our CATPrep Simulator for the GRE Test works in the same way as the actual GRE test by generating a custom exam session for each user by selecting questions from a large question pool according to the performance of the test taker. We have divided our question pool into parts to insure completely independent testing sessions. We recommend that users only complete one simulated exam session per question pool, because you are likely to encounter duplicate questions if you sit for a simulated exam session from the same question pool twice and perform similarly.