GRE Simulator Features | The Features of Our GRE Practice Test Software

Scoring Engine

The CATPrep Simulator includes an accurate scoring engine that truly separates it from any other practice materials available. Our simulator has proven to be an incredibly accurate indicator of student preparedness and is currently used by students and course instructors worldwide as the most accurate score indicator available

Adaptive Questions

Another key feature available in our Simulator and nowhere else, is our simulation of the GRE’s question selection algorithm. Other practice exams provide only the number of questions you will be presented on test day, but this could never simulate a real GRE exam! On the real exam, your next question is chosen from a pool of thousands of questions of varying difficulty. The GRE will continue to present you with harder and harder questions until your performance begins to level out. The GRE uses this performance dependent question selection algorithm to narrow in on your final section score! Here again, CATPrep’s software has provided an accurate simulation. Our GRE Simulator contains over 300 questions of predetermined difficulty and will present them to you according to your current performance level. For high performers, this is especially important, because you need to practice under conditions where you are continually presented with difficult questions. Only under these conditions will you learn to accurately manage your time in a manner conducive to achieving the highest score possible!

Time Management

Remaining time is displayed in the top-left hand corner of the Simulator, and just like on the real exam, you may make the timer invisible until there are only 5 minutes remaining on the current section. At that time, the timer will countdown in minutes and seconds, and can not be disabled.

Endurance Test

Just practicing on the Math or Verbal sections separately won’t provide the type of preparation you need to score your best. You need to practice through the grueling 2.5 hours of mental focus with only two 5 minute breaks. Our Simulator provides the full GRE experience including the AWA Section and it accurately times the entire exam.

Support for Candidates with Disabilities

Education Testing Service makes several accommodations available to test takers with documented disabilities. Our software simulates the actual nonstandard options available to these candidates and allows them to practice under the true conditions they will experience on test day.

Review your results

After your exam is complete you are presented with your score and a chance to review the questions on your exam along with your answers, the correct answers, timing analysis, and an explanation.

If you’re preparing for the GRE now, or simply want to evaluate your current preparedness, you will find the CATPrep Simulator an invaluable resource. Please give it a try today!

PS: Be sure to let me know of any results you attribute to your use of our Simulator. I would love to hear about the impact the Simulator has had on your GRE preparation and results!