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Resolving "Java Plug-in detected JRE Collision" errors 1684d ago  14106 
How long is an access code valid? Will it expire? 1685d ago  7644 
When will I receive my email receipt and order information? 1600d ago  6106 
What type of computer is required to use your software? 1685d ago  5825 
Do you charge for shipping? 1685d ago  5690 
Does your software come with a guarantee? 1685d ago  5488 
I'm having problems installing Adobe Flash Player on Windows 1601d ago  5462 
How may I pay for my registration and is it secure? 1685d ago  5393 
How can I register for simulated USPTO Patent Bar Exams? 1684d ago  2837 
Does your Patent Bar Simulator include questions from the computer-delivered USPTO exams? 1684d ago  2741 
Which USPTO Patent Bar Exams are available using your software? 1684d ago  2741 
How does your software compare to Patent Bar Prep courses? 1684d ago  2729 
Is your Patent Bar material current? 1684d ago  2695 
Can I sit for the same simulated Patent Bar exam multiple times? 1684d ago  2681 
What is a Patent Bar Access Code? 1684d ago  2645 
How can I install the Patent Bar Simulator locally on my computer? 1684d ago  2613 
Can I print my results using your Patent Bar Simulator? 1684d ago  2608 
Can I stop the Patent Bar simulation or timer and continue the session at a later? 1684d ago  2601 
How can I download and use the searchable MPEP? 1684d ago  2514 
How to review your saved session and results 1524d ago  2433 
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