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Customer Query: What does your GRE test simulator include?

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Our GRE test simulation software includes all parts of the GRE test: AWA, Verbal and Quantitative.
Just like the actual GRE, our AWA section is presented in two parts: one “Analysis of an Issue” question and one “Analysis of an Argument” question. The AWA is followed by complete adaptive quantitative and verbals sections.
Our simulator software also includes:

  • Our proven and highly accurate Scoring Engine
  • Fully adaptive question algorithms
  • Time management utilities and analysis
  • Support for candidates with disabilities
  • And much more…

For a full description of these features and more, please refer to our GRE test features listing page.

Hundreds of students have successfully used our accurate GRE test simulators since we first released the software over 18 months ago and our list of satisfied customers continues to grow daily.

Suggestions for improving your GMAT score

Sunday, August 6th, 2006

Students often ask us what they can do to improve their GMAT scores. Clearly, we are big proponents of studying under realistic conditions and recommend our GMAT Simulator software as an ideal means of reproducing realistic GMAT conditions.

Official Guide for GMAT Review
However, before tackling a full simulated exam, most students benefit from a thorough review of the question types that will appear on the GMAT. We highly recommend the Official Guide for GMAT Review as a core study aid for all our prospective MBA students.