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What is a Computer Adaptive Test?

Sunday, June 11th, 2006

A Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) is tailored to the individual exam taker based upon his or her performance. Thus, every examinee will receive a completely customized set of questions during a CAT. Each CAT session begins with a question of pre-calculated difficulty and the selection of each subsequent question is based upon the current performance of the examinee; a higher current score results in the selection of a more difficult question and vice versa. In order to accommodate both high and low performers, a CAT must construct each exam session from a pool of questions much larger than the minimal set required by the specific exam’s format.

Our exclusive performance dependent question selection algorithm: Unlike other study-aids for computer adaptive tests, Our simulated exam sessions are generated using the same formula you will experience during an actual CAT. Our question pools consist of large sets of pre-ranked questions, enabling our simulators’ to provide a truly adaptive test session that mirrors the actual exam’s behavior by isolating a test taker’s performance level through a gradual adjustment of question difficulty.