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Support Questions: Internet Connections Requirements

Scintill wrote:


I am interested in buying GMAT simulator for my gmat practice, but I don't
have a internet connection at my home.

Can you clarify some of my doubts.
1.Is there any other way I can access your test material without internet.

2.If I use your gmat simulator from my friends house or internet cafe and If
the internet connection gets disconnected in the middle of the exam, can i
continue the test ..
Because I don't know whether I will get a 4 hours continous internet
connection in my place.

3.If i wish to take the same test again for various reason can i do it. or
Is one test charged for one testing session. ?


Hi Scintill,

Thank you for your interest in our GMAT Simulator. I’ll try to answer your questions below.

You will need to connect to the Internet initially in order to login to the exam. The simulator software will download the entire question pool as it launches and after the exam begins you will not need to be connected to the Internet. After your session is complete, the software will attempt to connect again in order to save your results, but if it fails it will simply continue without saving.

A broken connection will not affect your test session. You only need to be connected at the beginning when you login and at the end when the software attempts to save your results.

You can access your saved session in order to review your questions, answers, score, timing information, explanations, etc… at any time after completing a simulated session. However, each new session requires a new access code because each session is unique and generates a different set of questions based on the performance of the test taker.

I hope these are satisfactory answers to your questions, if you need any more information please do not hesitate to contact us.


Rick Jones

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